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Outsourced Strategic HR Team
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Why Us?

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 A Team of Registered Industrial Psychologists

Female-Founded, Female-Led and Female Operated Group

We Design, Build AND Implement

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is Through the Roof

We are passionate about using the field of Organisational Psychology to aid businesses both big and small to make changes that impact their people, their strategic goals and their bottom line.

Our whole team is female. We are invested in growing young female talent within the industry – we actively seek young talent and dedicate time, energy and care to growing and developing their careers.

We don’t just sit in meetings and build frameworks in our free time. We actively work on the ground with leaders and employees to implement and ensure success at work. Getting our hands dirty transforms our work from good to great!

The NPS is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a business’s products or services. This is a means to understand overall customer satisfaction and their loyalty to the brand. A good NPS is rated from 30 upwards and ours is sitting above 75. Go team!


What Our Clients Think

"The work with Ferva has not only reinforced the importance of connecting with staff, but has also shown us our blind spots and how to improve them. The team are amazing, knowledgeable and compassionate and I would highly recommend working with them!”


—  Michelle Steenberg, Head of Academy, Wunderman


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our Solutions

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The Way We Work

Once we understand a business’ needs, we provide two options for us to embark on a working journey together. The first is project-based work, typically where we deliver identified critical HR related goals according to an agreed budget and time frame. The second is a retainer option whereby we understand the size, budget and long term needs of the organisation and agree on an on-going monthly value in which we deliver key agreed outputs.  


Our Story

We co-create remarkable businesses by shaking things up and empowering our clients to make real, positive and impactful change. Our services are not off the shelf offerings that we copy and paste in any business, rather they are built after understanding each business and its unique people and ensuring that whatever is designed, created and implemented is aligned to the businesses strategic goals, their values and way of work.

Ferva was started by two friends, with a passion to build a business that goes beyond what a typical consulting business does. Everything we do is grounded by a strong desire to make a difference and create meaningful results for businesses and their people, most of which is done through meaningful relationship building and support. We go beyond HR and consulting – we become genuine business partners who our clients rely on to make key decisions. Our commitment to excellence and making a difference guarantees results for our clients.


Because We Do Everything with Fervour.

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7 590

 Cumulative number of years of tertiary studies across our team

Work experience in our team

Not only do we love travelling for leisure, but we have also completed projects on a global scale

Cups of coffee keeping our team fueled every year!

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